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We want to make property law more accessible to our clients. If you have a question about property, land disputes, freehold purchase - our leading property and conveyancing solicitors are here to assist you.

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MAY 19, 2020

TSE Management win legal battle against Club La Costa World

SEPT 21, 2020

Covid 19 cases continue to rise as fears of  second wave grip Europe.


Dispute Resolution Solicitors

While you may think that dispute resolution through a legal firm inevitably means legal action, the fact is that we’re here to provide common sense solutions wherever possible. Whether you’ve been mis-sold a financial product or mistreated by a landlord, our first instinct is rarely to issue legal proceedings. Instead, we’ll seek to understand the situation, inform you of your legal rights, and then work to resolve the dispute as swiftly and sensibly as possible.

We deal with all disputes including Timeshare legal disputes throughout Europe.

If you've suffered any type of Timeshare fraud please contact the team today!

SEPT 23, 2020

New Covid 19 measured introduced throughout England & Wales.


Property Management Services

Here at TSE Management we have a professional team of trades people for all your property management needs from qualified plumbers, electricians, builders and a full network of pest control professionals, whatever your requirement we are sure we can help.